What exactly does the term “taxi truck” imply?

According to the dictionary definition of “taxi truck,” is defined as “a truck with a driver that can be hired.” A taxi truck is a light commercial vehicle featuring a cab and cargo space that is used to deliver commodities, parcels, and freight between Australian states.

Our large fleet of taxi vehicles, in particular, is equipped with specialized equipment that enables us to deliver items across Australia. We used to exclusively deal with Melbourne to Canberra freight, but today we cover the majority of Australia.

At CBDEX, we collaborate closely. Taxi trucks in Adelaide are modified versions of taxis or cabs. The difference here is that the taxi is not a car but a small-sized truck or a large-sized truck. The primary purpose of taxi trucks in Melbourne and other parts of Australia is to transport goods from one location to another. Taxi truck services are the best match for goods that need to be transported daily, such as perishable items. Companies or individuals get the needed taxi truck hire when they need to transport goods or commodities temporarily or when their routine transport services are not appropriate to take on additional loads. Our drivers of taxi trucks in Perth are trained to ensure timely delivery of consignments.

What to Consider When Getting Taxi Truck Service?

With the recent developments in the navigation system, you can track the progress of your delivery at any given point. The most popular feature is GPS or the Global Positioning System. CBDEX is one of the most professional transport companies in Canberra that offers its services for local, interstate, and international transportation assignments.

While every company offers different delivery truck services, features, and services, you should check them before hiring them. There is a list of special features that we prefer to offer to our clients.

  • There is a huge variety of taxi trucks that are suitable to meet all your requirements.
  • The very competitive price range is based on the weight and size of what you’re delivering as opposed to a flat rate.
  • Complete versatility in terms of what you can transport using their truck fleet.
  • Highly professional and experienced drivers with a well-maintained fleet that is regularly serviced.
  • A crew of fleet controllers who can seamlessly manage deliveries.
  • Online tracking facilities allow you to see the location of your delivery at any point in the process.
  • Transport that operates daily.

We provide an extensive fleet of vehicles that includes rigid trucks, Utes, semi-trailers, and b-double trailers complemented with specialized features like hydraulic tailgates, allow-top open tray trucks, and herbs. All our vehicles are tracked by GPS and are operated by licensed, professional drivers.

Same-Day Deliveries

If you are going through the experience of increased pressure because of higher than usual delivery demands from your customers. It is high time that you contact us regarding our taxi truck services to supplement your fleet and help alleviate all the pressure of meeting your delivery goals for the day.

Online Booking System

Thanks to our innovative online transport software system, you can obtain quotes and book consignments online, saving you time emailing back and forth. Contact us today to find out how our online system works!

Efficient Quoting

Our taxi truck service is simply charged on an hourly basis, with a 4–5-hour minimum hire depending on the size of the vehicle you require. All vehicles provided are tracked via GPS, and you will receive a replica of that tracking, as well as the driver’s run sheet. This process is completely simple and all pricing is transparent, so you don’t come across any hidden fees or additional charges.

Why You Should Hire Our Taxi Truck Service?

In an industry that is filled with ample competition, we are still able to provide our clients with an efficient and cost-effective warehousing and distribution solution. You’d be hard-pressed to find a company that performs better than us while offering taxi truck service at such favorable prices.

Safe and reliable

All CBDEX delivery professionals have the proper background and driving history checks. Misdemeanors, violence, or other mishaps are most unlikely.


All delivery pros are reviewed by other customers like you. This helps us to ensure you only provide the best services.


Our technology makes it easier than ever to book, track, communicate, and pay.

Flexible Scheduling

Say goodbye to the long delivery windows.


Why Choose Us?

Understanding the type of shipping is prominent in selecting the right vehicle for the task. At CBDEX, we are too proud to say that we understand the requirements and, in return, we offer our reliable and professional taxi truck services to businesses across Australia. However, in recent times, we have extended our services of taxi trucks in Brisbane on weekends as well. If you are in a situation where you need to transport something at short notice, then our prepaid taxi truck in Brisbane is available at your service.

Our most reliable service is taxi truck hire at an affordable price without any hidden costs.

1. Proper Vigilance of Clients

We make sure all clients get a proper check on the status of their items. Throughout the journey of transportation, all information is shared, so there should not be any stress about the belongings. GPS tracking can eliminate all worries about knowing the location of the possessions and getting a proper estimate of the time when the goods will be delivered.

To accomplish this, we leave no stone unturned and take no opportunity to assist our valued clients. If any mishap occurs, you can track the location and get to know the reason for the delay.

2. Assistance in Business Extension

With CBDEX, you gain a professional, committed partner that works with you to design, optimize, and manage delivery solutions to increase your bottom line. We are always there to take you to the zenith of success by delivering the items properly on time. We have started our taxi truck in Melbourne that assists you and your business with palletized freight and other goods for business to business and business to clients.

Just to expand your business, we have customized services to take your start-up business at exponential growth and existing one to a top-notch level. The need for two-way taxi trucks may arise at any time and leave your business in a pickle. However, there is no need to worry since we supply tailor-made services. The main purpose of this service is to provide you with a quick solution.

If your business is constantly transporting goods, then you require a stable solution. Our permanent and semi-permanent taxi truck rates in Sydney are very economical for you. You choose the term of the hire, whether it’s for a week or you have the vehicle booked and available for you.

3. Cost-Effective Service

Taxi truck Adelaide prices were the ones that became very economical after competing with other established taxi truck services. Since then, we are committed to providing an outstanding quality service with competitive pricing, thus offering a total package that represents excellent value for money.

Among other Canberra transport companies, we offer the best price along with a list of impeccable services.

4. Professional Service

Our experienced staff with years of practice guarantees an efficient and reliable service. Each member at CBDEX has been rigorously trained and is an expert with extensive knowledge of the transportation business.

Each of our team members is prepared to provide instant and accurate information, useful advice, and guidance to our customers from the time you contact us. Our vast years of experience make us skilled at providing the best-ever services to reduce the stress of delivery.

5. No Worries About Maintenance

Taxi truck hire waves off the stress of thinking about fuel costs or wear and tear. Once you’ve hired a taxi truck, the responsibility lies with the parent company, not your business. You do not need to be concerned about the maintenance and other associated costs that arise from the daily operation of a vehicle.

Whereas, owning your business requires far more than a financial investment. As a business owner or manager, you’ll be responsible for managing the staff allocated to a truck. Taxi truck rates in Brisbane are reasonable even though we take complete responsibility for the vehicles. Booking a taxi truck in Melbourne means the transport company manages the whole process, including the insurance premiums for the truck and its load.

6. Accessibility

We make sure that we are just a click away. That is why while browsing the internet and searching for a taxi truck near me, we come across the one with the best services. We want to bring comfort to you. That is why we do not let our clients put extra effort into searching for us. All clients can easily find us and get the benefit of our premium services. We believe that all businesses, whether small or large, require delivery and freight services. So, we have made things feasible for all. In the beginning, we started with taxi trucks in Adelaide, but now we are reaching other major parts of Australia also. Since we built taxi trucks in Melbourne, we want no urban or rural part of the world to be left out of such an opportunity to grow their business with us. Hence, we created a connection with new clients with a simple search for a truck taxi near me.

Permanent and Semi-Permanent Taxi Truck Hire

At CBDEX, we offer permanent and semi-permanent taxi trucks. Hire terms can be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We offer taxi truck rates in Melbourne with late-model trucks driven by customer service-oriented professional drivers.

We can supply all types of vehicles that range from 1 tonne through to semi-trailer flat-top trucks. To avail of the benefit of our services, you can reach us at our truck taxi contact number.

Taxi Truck in Brisbane

When your company requires urgent goods transportation, try our taxi truck service in Brisbane. The business world is so unpredictable when you do not know what will happen in the next few seconds. On a whim, you may find yourself surrounded by a situation where you suddenly require the movement of goods. If such circumstances occur, you should opt for CBDEX for freight and delivery services.

For bulky items like machinery or vehicles, we have taxi truck services to help you out! We offer taxi trucks in Brisbane to businesses of all sizes, with the ability to provide same-day deliveries across major areas. Our team is professional and experienced, ensuring that your valuable package or parcel arrives at its destination on time.

Taxi Trucks in Adelaide

CBDEX is the most trusted and accomplished name among the taxi truck services in Adelaide. There are many different options, including VIP delivery services, same-day delivery, and time-specific deliveries. For more specialized needs, we have a range of vehicles that can be used to meet the customer’s requirements. We take pride in our impeccable courier service in Australia with fast turnaround times at competitive prices!

Taxi Trucks in Melbourne

We offer an exceptional standard delivery service conducted by your large fleet of taxi trucks, which is the most cost-effective solution if your business requires you to send consignments and important Melbourne to Canberra freight that doesn’t need same-day delivery or have any other special requirements. Apart from taxi trucks in Melbourne, our standard delivery service is available within all metro areas across Australia. Unlike other transport companies in Canberra, we always go above and beyond what is required.

Taxi Trucks in Perth

Looking for a same-day courier in Perth? CBDEX is highly renowned for its high-quality same-day courier service throughout all areas of Perth. If you are looking for a reliable same delivery service, then CBDEX has the expertise and knowledge to get your goods and packages delivered on time.

Put that reputation of being one of the best-priced taxi truck services in Perth to the test today and request a quote from one of our knowledgeable staff. If you have important items, valuable freight, or packages to be delivered safely to their destination within a specified time, we are here to cater to all. All packages will be delivered quickly and securely to their destination promptly, while also being protected from tampering or any other form of damage during transit.

Taxi Trucks in Sydney

For a leading Australian taxi truck, an express courier service that delivers on its promises, CBDEX has been continuing to invest in the latest tracking technology. We can easily get the location of the drivers with our highly advanced and latest GPS tracking equipment. This information is immediately shared with the customers to make sure on the part that all their belongings are safe and sound.