Same-Day Delivery & Courier Service for Time-Critical Parcels Across Australia

CBDEX provides cutting-edge solutions for time-sensitive parcel delivery. We pledge to provide flexible and customized courier service solutions to fulfil the demands of our customers. Our same-day courier service can deliver your urgent documents and parcels to your door as soon as possible, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in Australia.

CBDEX offers a solution to help freight forwarders overcome technological constraints and more effectively manage their back-office operations, allowing them to increase per-capita productivity and per-shipment profitability. We provide cutting-edge technology in simple-to-use forms to give major benefits in control, visibility, transparency, and cost-efficiency throughout the whole freight forwarding process.

Improved productivity and customer service, more accountability and streamlined operations, and eventually higher revenues with less risk are the results.

Courier Services in Australia are Unrivaled

You want things to be completed in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Businesses can no longer wait for key cargo or essential supplies to arrive overnight. CBDEX, established in Australia, bridges the gap between tight schedules and logistics.

Domestic Service

CBDEX employees handle every aspect of our domestic services. None of our processes are outsourced. You can choose from a variety of delivery alternatives to meet your needs, with a wide range of durations and costs. We provide everything you need, whether you need urgent same-day delivery service, speedy next-day deliveries, or less urgent solutions. Whatever option you choose, we provide convenient and quick delivery services, as well as real-time tracking systems that keep you informed about your package.

Don’t let your productivity go! With CBDEX, your package will be delivered as quickly as possible. We satisfy your needs even outside of our regular working hours with our dedicated, on-time collection and express courier across Australia. Our experts will oversee your shipment from beginning to end, ensuring that your documents and packages arrive on time. CBDEX provides highly urgent deliveries with one-hour delivery within the emirate and three-to-four-hour delivery throughout Australia.

Same Day Delivery Courier

When you book with CBDEX, you’ll be using the latest technology. The order will be sent to the nearest courier automatically. You will be notified once your booking has been assigned to a courier (typically in less than 5 minutes). You’ll get information about the courier, including their name, phone number (so you may call or SMS them). Constant notifications will be provided to you regarding the status of delivery.

You won’t have to wonder where your courier is or how long it will take them to arrive. Working with a courier pick-up service will be transformed if you use CBDEX. We want you to have an experience that makes you question why all the courier companies in Brisbane aren’t like this. 

From the moment you confirm your booking, you’ll be able to follow your same-day courier. With CBDEX, you’ll never have an item to be handled recklessly. Our same-day couriers in Melbourne are the inevitable next step for the industry, using services as a springboard from complex and expensive regular same-day deliveries to fast, straightforward, and simple tracking of your on-demand courier from pickup to drop off.

When you order a same-day delivery courier with us, it’s the same as ordering a meal delivery. You can see when and who picked up your dinner, as well as how far away they are from delivering it to you. With CBDEX, you may schedule a same-day courier service in Sydney of up to 30 kg in your local metro areas, including Australia’s major capital cities. Our couriers work in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Canberra, and will even travel to nearby districts for affordable parcel deliveries to their final destination.

Unlike other courier businesses that charge you according to zoned areas for normal shipping and overnight delivery, our 3-hour delivery couriers charge you based on the distance you’ve asked them to go. This may be between streets, or to drop off essential business documents, or to have your animal picked up from the vet by an on-demand courier. Our same-day courier will pick it up and deliver it anywhere you need it if it’s under 30 kg and not unlawful or unsafe to transport.

International Services

With our international services, you may take your company to the next level. Our assortment of international services caters to your every requirement and is the ideal way to receive or do parcel delivery in Sydney or any location in the world, from exporting documents, packages, and more across the globe to importing express and third country services. We meet the needs of developing organizations, which frequently require documents and items to be delivered within tight deadlines.

CBDEX International Services is the most efficient logistics solution, promising three-day delivery to any location on the planet. On all international shipping services, we try to provide the quickest turnaround time, with each cargo being rigorously inspected to ensure accurate, timely, and secure delivery. Our global operations allow us to trace your shipments in real-time, every step of the way, using our in-house tracking software.

CBDEX courier specialists will be on the job to ensure that your shipment reaches its intended destination on time and at the best rates in the business, whether it’s an urgent delivery or a valuable parcel.

Road Transport

CBDEX Road Transport services are available throughout the region, thanks to a reliable fleet of vehicles. Our road transport services are the most affordable courier in Melbourne way of logistics, with on-time delivery guaranteed throughout the area. Our closed-body waterproof interstate car transport in Australia is equipped with state-of-the-art GPS tracking systems, ensuring safe, damage-free, and zero percent pilferage of your valuable goods. For parcel delivery in Australia, we are committed to on-time deliveries via road networks to every country. With CBDEX, you can expect a safe, secure, smooth, and dependable logistical experience for smooth transactions and a relaxing transportation experience.

Transshipment Service

CBDEX offers Transhipment Services as a fundamental aspect of our range of services as a full-service courier company. Goods move from one method of transportation to another in every supply chain. Transshipment services are essential for every door-to-door courier and supply chain operation’s success.

To meet your transshipment needs, CBDEX’s terminals, branches, and hubs are equipped with efficient transshipment facilities. We collaborate with several companies around the world to get your product to its final destination. We can provide the greatest solutions for transhipping your goods due to our strategic location in Australia. We guarantee the greatest service when it comes to breaking bulk cargo, groupage freight, commodities, bulk goods, or other transported items, whether it includes airport freight terminals, rail freight depots, truck ramps, or port facilities.

Project Logistics

We consistently surpass other courier companies because of our clients’ expectations with prompt deliveries to destinations all over the world, with over 3000 delighted customers worldwide. That is why, for Project Logistics, we are the preferred global courier and logistics partner of Australia’s leading corporate houses.

We’ve been able to deliver 360-degree Project Logistics to our partners because of our dependable and secure shipments. Our outstanding service record has been accomplished as the best courier in Australia through cultivating solid relationships with our clients and remaining steadfastly committed to achieving our objectives.

Use our Mailroom and Fulfilment Center services to supplement our Project Logistics Delivery capabilities. We guarantee total project assistance for time-sensitive and mission-critical deliveries anywhere in the world. Partner with CBDEX so you can focus on the most important aspects of your business.

ECommerce Courier Services

Order fulfillment encompasses the entire process from the point of parcel delivery in Melbourne to your consumer. Receiving, storing, processing, picking, packing, and shipping orders to clients are all steps that successful eCommerce firms rely on a third party to execute.

It’s difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to locate logistics service providers who can meet their specific requirements. CBDEX, on the other hand, specialises in tailored logistics solutions for enterprises of all sizes. When you utilise CBDEX to fulfil your eCommerce orders, you save money because there are no upfront capital expenditures and you simply pay for what you use. CBDEX delivers fast and efficient eCommerce fulfillment solutions, allowing you to focus on the development of your business rather than handling logistics, whether you’re selling on Amazon, eBay, or your website.

Why Should You Use Us for Parcel Delivery Service?

The internet’s rapid growth has provided the corporate sector with virtually limitless prospects. These are the days when you can start small in one corner of the world and expand globally. To make this work, you’ll need the greatest and most complete courier and logistics services to get you to your much-desired business goal as swiftly as possible. However, the same must be supplied at the most reasonable prices. The best part about CBDEX is that you may get not only comprehensive courier and logistic services but also the most affordable parcel delivery. Here’s why we’re different when it comes to international courier services:


We have gathered tremendous experience and understanding over more than a decade as a private courier service. Over the years, we’ve taken the time to listen to our clients and are always changing to meet their demands.

Very well-equipped

For express courier, we have a variety of vehicles accessible. We have bicycles, motorcycles, compact cars, vans, and 1 to 8-tonne tray tops in our fleet, so we can deliver just about anything. Pallet trolleys and hydraulic lifts are among the specialist lifting equipment we have for large-item couriers. Our courier vans and drivers are additionally outfitted with navigational and communication systems to put proper efforts so that they complete their tasks quickly.

Local expertise

We offer unrivaled local knowledge as an Australian-owned company established in Melbourne, allowing our drivers to deliver items quickly.


We take delight in executing the work correctly. Not only is our courier service dependable, but it is also safe and secure. Throughout the whole transit process, parcels are handled with care and safety.

Risks are reduced

To help avoid risks and obligations, keep track of regulatory changes, and create documentation quickly.

All of Your International Courier Needs at One Place

We offer a wide selection of international courier services if your company requires them. As a result, you’ll all be housed together.

Take Advantage of All Courier Services at the Most Affordable Prices

Whatever industry you operate in, you will almost certainly face severe competition. As a result, cost-cutting may be a top priority for your company. With CBDEX, you can rest assured that you will be paying the most competitive prices on the market. It will boost your company’s overall profitability. At the same time, you can make it more long-term sustainable.

Specialized Services are available from us

You can reach practically any location thanks to our extensive global delivery network. At the same time, we manage both homemade and branded foods. Excess Baggage and Household Solutions are also available.

Our customers are loyal to us

We are the most preferred international courier company, providing the most comprehensive variety of international courier and logistics services, and we have a large customer base. CBDEX is the best when it comes to international courier services from Australia!

In a nutshell, these are the advantages of using a reputable courier service

Since the beginning of eCommerce, our courier services have made shopping and shipping easier. CBDEX Courier Service offers a wide range of delivery solutions, from scheduled deliveries to one-hour service, to assist your business in saving time and money. CBDEX Courier Service is licensed, insured, and bonded. All deliveries are made by Company Employees (no contractors) in vehicles that are owned and maintained by the company.

CBDEX Courier Service will help you save your most valuable resource, time, and money, with services ranging from court filings to process service to the mobile notary.

Our drivers are dependable and competent, with a thorough understanding of the courier in Melbourne and Sydney courier systems as well as the legal justice system. Here are some reasons why you should entrust your product deliveries to a reputable distribution company like CBDEX:

Your customers will receive world-class service from drivers and workers who are enthusiastic about delivering parcels.

  • You’ll have fewer complaints
  • We’ll be able to solve delivery-related issues more quickly.
  • Everything is tracked and accounted for
  • You are getting good value for your money
  • Manage and track pick-up and delivery statuses from one personal online account