Why CBDEX is different from a Transport Company?

Transportation of goods is always an important part of any business, whether it involves long or short distances. And since there is an end number of transport companies in Australia, it can be difficult to select the right one for your logistics requirements. So how are we different from other transport and logistics companies? Our freight services are the best in the region for a reason, we are completely reliable and efficient.

Put that together with our well-trained staff who share the same strong ethic and our company’s values and you will see why we have maintained our reputation for years. We have a large selection of vehicles to pick from, all of which are fuel-efficient and have the minimal carbon footprint possible.

When you choose our Sydney transportation services, you are choosing a company that is swift, dependable, and competent, and we are proud to assist you in getting your items to where they need to go. When you are associated with our transport logistics company, you are getting an unforgettable experience with us.

You can rest confident that your things will be in good hands when we pick up your belongings. We know what’s important to you and how to deliver it there in the most efficient way possible. So don’t waste your time sifting through all of the other logistics companies; instead, go right to the people who can complete the work most quickly and effectively.


What types of logistics services are available?

We want to help you with your delivery requirements.

Our fleet and personnel can arrange pickups for temperature-controlled storage and delivery services for small enterprises to large commercial operations.

1. Air cargo

Airfreight is usually the best option when shipping time-critical goods to a location in Australia or any place else in the world. As part of our supply chain solutions, we offer air freight. CBDEX is an easy-to-understand transportation service provider.

Your things will be picked up at your home/business or dropped off at the airport freight terminal, depending on whether you utilize door-to-door or airport-to-airport services. CBDEX has you covered whether you need an additional route to avoid a disturbance or a quick solution to meet changing demand among logistics companies.

We provide a dependable selection of services to assist you in finding the best solution for time-sensitive cargo. Our air freight services have been divided into categories to meet the needs of our clients and the urgency of the situation.

Air Freight Priority Service

With an expedited solution that delivers precisely specified transit times from the airport to the airport, you can meet your top-priority consignment needs.

For the majority of perishable products and pharmaceuticals to transport from Sydney to Melbourne, this service is most favorite.

  • 1-3day delivery is quick and comprehensive.
  • Highly adaptable to your cargo requirements
  • Easily accessible at the airport destination
  • Access to an international carrier network

Service for Premium Air Freight

Consolidated airfreight on first-class carriers provides a reliable and efficient service. These services are mostly utilized to bring Melbourne residents to Adelaide.

  • Efficient
  • Delivery in 3-5 days
  • Daily departures are scheduled.
  • Maximum cargo safety security
  • Option to employ a variety of carriers

Air Freight at a Low Cost

Rely on a cost-effective solution with optimum transit times and competitive prices delivered every week. The majority of Brisbane’s transport companies employ this service; however, they struggle to deliver on time.

  • Comfortable
  • Delivery in 5-7 days
  • Get the speed and reliability of air freight at the cheapest price.
  • Transportation timetables that are clearly defined

Charter flights

Designed for customers that require custom-tailored air freight services in which scheduling, cargo size, security, and reliability are all decided and managed by you. Air charter is the most exclusive service among our Sydney transportation services, generating no delays and limiting prices while also providing white-glove treatment to all luxurious things. This service is utilized maximum times for Melbourne to Adelaide car transport.

  • A professional staff of charter experts is available around the clock, 365 days a year.
  • Proactive flight status updates and active flight monitoring
  • Service solutions that are very configurable and may be used anywhere in the world.

2. Shipping by Sea

We take pride in providing the best marine freight service as the most well-known Australian transport company. Importers and exporters mostly prefer to ship their goods by sea. CBDEX provides a comprehensive range of door-to-door freight services for businesses of all sizes, including international marine freight. Sea freight is the most cost-effective mode of transportation for non-urgent items.

Whether you’re shipping a single pallet or a whole container load, it’s great for huge shipments. Our Perth transportation companies help industries who rely on moving goods or any other component of their supply chain to or from other nations. Individuals traveling overseas or carrying products or vehicle transport between nations will find that sea freight is a considerably more cost-effective choice than air cargo.

Sea freight is not only less expensive than air freight, but it also has a lower carbon footprint, making it an environmentally benign option for many interstate transportation companies. For transport and logistics organizations intending to move freight to overseas destinations, sea freight transportation offers various advantages.

Cost-effective: Ocean freight is substantially less expensive than air freight, which is your only other international shipping choice.

Suitable for large loads: Bulky items like big equipment and machinery can be delivered without breaking the bank thanks to the enormous capacity of ocean-going freight vessels.

Highly secure: A container will keep your cargo safe and secure, keeping it out of the weather and eliminating the chance of theft, vandalism, and other issues.

3. Interstate Transport

CBDEX can ensure that your items are delivered on schedule throughout Australia, not only in capital cities. Our logistics staff can put you in touch with reputable logistics companies. Depending on the type of item you need to send, the needed delivery time, and other considerations, you’ll usually have the choice to choose between a few distinct types of interstate shipping providers.

Road-based Transport: Roads and trucking are the most prevalent modes of freight shipping inside Australia for most transport companies in Canberra. Trucks provide prompt delivery throughout Australia at a low cost, making them an excellent alternative for most sorts of freight.

Transportation by air: If you need an urgent product delivered the next day, air freight is the finest option.When speed is critical, our interstate courier partners often choose air transportation.In general, delivering freight within Australia by air is only a smart idea for urgent shipments because it is much more expensive than other options.

Transportation by Rail: Rail transport is frequently used in conjunction with trucking as a cost-effective means of transporting non-time-sensitive commodities.Using both a vehicle and a train is usually less expensive than using just a truck, although delivery takes longer.

4. Distribution from Warehouses

CBDEX is a transport logistics company that can assist you if you’re looking for a cost-effective, dependable supply chain partner to manage warehouse and distribution services.

You can rely on us as your warehouse and distribution partner since we offer cost-effective services for businesses of all types and sizes, as well as services in every Australian state and territory. Here are just a few of the advantages of outsourcing warehouse and distribution services from the best Australian transport company.

Make capital and resources available: Renting or purchasing warehouse storage, as well as purchasing warehouse management software, setting up storage areas within the structure, and paying staff to administer the facility, are all expensive. Outsourced warehouse and distribution services might help you save money on your overall capital expenditures.

Take use of cutting-edge technologies: Advanced warehousing technology from our partners can help you better manage inventory, track sales, and product distribution, control stock turnover, and more. Many transport companies in Victoria get the benefit of such modern facilities.

These advanced analytics tools can help you uncover insights that can improve your company’s profitability and help it flourish today and in the future.

Concentrate on your business: If you are an entrepreneur or have a small executive team, you may not be up to the challenge of managing a warehouse and distribution center. However, with outsourced logistics services, you can delegate warehouse administration to the professionals and concentrate on the more vital aspects of running your company.

5. Delivery Service

Look no farther than transport companies in Newcastle for same-day delivery and quick courier service. In Australia, our dependable couriers provide a wide range of services; we’ve got you covered.

Our Perth transport and rapid delivery services are exceptionally fast. We offer same-day deliveries, in which we pick up and transport the product immediately to the delivery address, reducing transit time.

When it comes to courier services in Australia, CBDEX has earned a reputation for expertise. Here are a few reasons why our customers choose us for dependable parcel delivery in Australia.

A vast courier network: We offer a wide range of services and work with skilled couriers in key cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and others. We can handle any work, from intra-city delivery to delivering items and documents across the country.

Guaranteed delivery times: With our courier services, we always guarantee delivery times for expedited goods and shipments across all transportation and logistics services. You can count on the professionals at CBDEX to exceed your expectations when it comes to perishable or time-sensitive deliveries.

Mindfulness: You pay for reliability when you use a courier service. You can trust us to handle the most delicate, fragile, and time-sensitive shipments with the care they deserve, giving you and your organization tremendous peace of mind, thanks to our team of skilled couriers, with 15+ years of experience in transportation services, and attention to customer service.

6. Heavy and Oversized Haulage

You might not know where to begin if you need to export a large piece of machinery, a vehicle, or any oversized component to Australia. Oversized and heavy haulage limitations can be tough to comprehend, especially if you’re doing interstate transport. We have years of experience in automobile transport from Melbourne to Adelaide and huge freight services and can assist you in moving your items anywhere in Australia.

Your big shipments are in good hands with our experienced and trusted shipping partners. CBDEX can assist you with oversized load shipping in Australia. Our logistics companies are always available to help with heavy haulage transit across Australia.

Heavy haulage of enormous goods is not an easy procedure, and you need a partner with the necessary tools for the job, such as a powerful prime mover, extensible trailers, and heavy load fastening and tying down equipment. Many Melbourne to Adelaide transport companies lack in doing so, but we provide everything you need at CBDEX to move your cargo safely and within legal large shipment restrictions.

Many years of experience: Moving massive, enormous loads safely requires specialized knowledge, which CBDEX has. We’ve been in business for over 15 years in vehicle transport and have assisted our partners in moving a wide range of big loads around Australia.

Customer service dedication: Throughout the shipping procedure, our team will work closely with you. We as a transport service company prioritize customer care above all else, and we keep you informed as your freight is sent, giving you the peace of mind, you need during the transit process.


Team of Management Experts

The CBDEX executive team brings decades of diversified experience to the table, as well as industry leaders with a track record of accomplishment. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing you with innovative transportation and logistics services combined with customized service.

Dedicated Transportation Because we recognize that each firm is unique, we tailor our solutions to meet their specific requirements. Before providing recommendations, we take the time to listen and fully comprehend your needs, and our track record illustrates our ability to assist both large and small enterprises.

On-time. Every single time.

We can deliver because we are dependable and honest with our customers. On-time. Consistently every time. We back this up with what we call “the finest transportation guarantee.”

Service available throughout Australia

Our one-of-a-kind total transportation solution allows you, the customer, to contact a CBDEX representative at a location near you, who will provide you with the most cost-effective service that suits your needs Australia-wide.

Professional Drivers

Professional drivers always maintain a professional demeanor. Every CBDEX driver must adhere to CBDEX’s standards and values, as well as complete the internal induction procedure and a one-day consistently faster-advanced driver training course, which states that we will provide consistently outstanding service to our clients every day.

Each week. Each month. Each year. Every driver. Every single time.

Price Competition

We summarise a pricing approach that works for everyone by developing new solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs, as compared to any other transport and logistics companies We have been able to work with many customers for long periods because of this communication.