We offer freight forwarder and logistics solutions to take your business to the global level

CBDEX is dedicated to provide companies with freight forwarding services in Australia and beyond. Backed by a huge network of roadways, airways, and waterways, we have the infrastructure to push our business to new heights. We employ the latest technologies and an experienced workforce to digitalise your logistics. With the changing world of commerce, we will be with you at every step of your logistics journey.

CBDEX are available in Australia over 8 locations including major logistics hubs such as Perth, Gold Coast, Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Darwin, and Melbourne. With a sophisticated mode of logistics, it is hard to go wrong with CBDEX.

Freight Forwarding In Australia

The logistics industry was valued at $81.28 billion in 2021 in Australia. It is expected to cross the $114 billion mark by the year 2027. As a part of this overwhelmingly huge industry, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of services. Freight forwarding is bound to grow in the region by a large margin as aforementioned and CBDEX is one of the driving forces boosting this growth. We find ourselves fortunate to be a part of this booming industry and being one of the largest freight companies in all of Australia.

What We Offer

CBDEX is streamlined to provide a complete set of services that fall under the umbrella of freight forwarding. These include:

Intercontinental freight forwarding

The most demanded service – intercontinental freight forwarding – is made possible with the help of a wide network and an extensive fleet of transports. We have a solid infrastructure that can help you enable your business on a global level. We excel at air and water logistics solutions that are completely digitalised. We help our partners with additional services such as customs clearance assistance as well as additional freetime. Our end-to-end intercontinental freight forwarding has enabled businesses in Australia to serve customers as far as the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

Inland transportation

A key service in all kinds of freight forwarding, inland transportation allows partners to efficiently move cargo via roadways and railways. We have access to a large fleet of commercial trucks as well as licensed containers that are moved through government railways. We even provide forwarding via barges. All you have to do is select the mode of transportation and we will do the rest for you. Our delivery workforce is qualified and licenced to drive long distances across Australia. We work together with the veterans of freight forwarding as well as 3PL logistics companies to ensure that you get the best out of us.

Interstate freight

CBDEX has enabled and continues to do so, multiple small businesses in Australia as well as abroad. As aforementioned, our large fleet of vehicles and delivery workforce allows our partners to keep their customers satisfied. We give access to digital portals where they can track their cargo and raise any tickets if required. CBDEX’s interstate freight services have been around for several years and we continue to add improvements to it. Once your cargo is in our hands, rest assured – everything will go according to plan. Our fleet of vehicles is diverse and caters to all business and delivery sizes.

Digital freight forwarding

We are proud to offer our partners with online portals that allow them complete access to the process flow. They can track, analyse, as well as raise queries regarding our services. We believe that commerce in the modern times should be backed by the latest technology. We have achieved the goal of going completely digital and enabling our partners with efficient and lubricated freight forwarding services. CBDEX firmly believes that with the right technological assistance in logistics, any business can scale up multiple times and achieve its targets quickly and efficiently.

Freight brokerage

Freight forwarding brokerage demands a good command of the industry and a solid presence in the global scenario. We have that sorted! CBDEX can connect you with the right people in logistics. We believe in creating situations that are a win-win for both our partners as well as for us. We are one of the top freight brokers in all of Australia and we are expanding fast! CBDEX acts as a helpful and experienced middleman between the shipper and the freight service provider. We specialise in all kinds of freight – lowboys, oversize, bulk tanker, auto, etc.

Our price is right!

CBDEX places itself in the freight forwarding business at a very strategic place. Our prices are affordable and conform to the industry standards. We take into consideration the position of the business that we are working with. Our quotations are transparent and do not hide any extra charges or taxes. We are clear about the third-party costs that may be involved in the long run as well. You can request a quotation from CBDEX for free anytime. Our customer support is helpful and will guide you through the process in case there are any queries that come to your mind. Whether it is our truck freight rates or our intercontinental end-to-end solutions, you’ll end up happy with our prices.

What CBDEX Brings To The Table

When you work with us, you work with some of the best experts in the freight forwarding scene on a global level. Some of selling propositions include:

Shipment tracking

Our online portals allow our partners access to tracking and monitoring cargo locations and status. We use the latest TMS (transportation management software/system) that gives way for transparency as well as efficiency. Every stage of the voyage is carefully marked and the data is available to our partner at all times. The level of accessibility and ease has launched us to the forefront of the industry in Australia.

Customs brokers

One of the most stressful parts of delivery and logistics is customs clearances. However, our experience and network allows us to help our partners manage the documentation necessary to clear the importing/exporting process. We hold the standard customs brokerage licence – qualifying us to submit these documents to the appropriate authorities. This makes the process much cleaner and faster.

Easy booking

We are accessible for everyone – businesses of all sizes and from different industries. We are proud to offer our exclusive services to business in Australia as well as abroad. Our online portal allows users to easily hop on a book cargo delivery request. We have put in the best minds at work to help businesses ship their cargo without any hiccups. CBDEX’s booking process is user friendly, intelligent and intuitive. 

One stop management

Backed by the latest TMS and a team of dedicated support staff, we have the privilege of giving our partners a one-stop solution for all their logistics needs. Our freight management solution gives users the access to a simple dashboard where they can manage their cargo, track their shipments, analyse and record real time information, raise tickets, view previous orders, and much much more.


We have access to warehouses for small stops and for implementing vital checks during the course of the cargo’s voyage. We can also connect you with warehousing companies as well as 3PL providers who usually have several warehouses at their disposal. These warehouses are designed to store different kinds of products. We also help businesses with FMCG solutions (and food warehousing & distribution) if required.

Freight consolidation

Sometimes, businesses do not require a complete container. What we can do is consolidate your cargo with another company so that the process is optimised. This helps us save resources and also helps you to save money. The logistics industry is prone to leaks and suffers losses of millions of dollars every year. Efficient freight consolidation reduces a portion of this loss effectively.

Our Quality Of Service Is Above Par

The list of places that we serve in Australia is huge. Add to this, our intercontinental and international freight forwarding service. CBDEX’s gnarly quality of work owes it to the advanced warehousing and distribution process that we follow. It has made us one of the largest freight forwarders in the country. We serve all kinds of industries but the major ones include:

  • Pharmaceuticals: Requires finesse and experience to pull this off, but we do it on a daily basis. Our value added warehousing and distribution solutions has made us the leader of pharmaceutical logistics in Australia.
  • Manufacturing: Enabled by an extensive fleet of vehicles and qualified drivers, our interstate freight forwarding helps manufacturing companies move raw materials as well as finished goods across the country.
  • FMCG: Another tricky business that we cater to – thanks to an advanced and highly efficient warehousing and distribution system. We did it during the pandemic and we are doing it now!
  • Delivery: Yet again, our solid infrastructure allows us to quickly move our partners’ cargo across the country and across the seas. We have turned hundreds of businesses global just by optimising our delivery process.

Driven Forward By Our Support Team