CBD EX operates a nationwide network of warehouses, and distribution centers for smooth and quick delivery of orders to most Australian buyers within 1-2 days. We stand out from the rest of the crowd with our ability to meet your specific business needs with our customized shipping and logistics solutions. As a dedicated Third-party logistics (3PL) providers, we offer following specialized tailor-made services to our associated businesses and Industries:

  • Integrated operations
  • Transportation services
  • Packaging and Procurement
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory management
  • Cross-docking
  • Freight forwarding

All aforesaid services can be scaled and customized according to the specific needs of clients based on current market conditions and service requirements. We have a large third-party network throughout the country that helps our companies to serve their clients even in the remote areas at a much lower cost. We also assure an optimum service quality to your customers that ultimately resulted in the improved growth of their business.

Whether you sell goods in just within a territory of your city or across all major cities of Australia, CBD EX can help you fulfill your product shipping, logistics, Inventory, as well as storage needs. Our list of services is highlighted below:

  • Manage inventory and Storage in all major cities for the fastest product delivery
  • Perfect and Accurate picking and packing of goods
  • Utilize specialty packaging
  • Specialized kitting of multiple sets of products
  • Availability of low-cost carrier for Shipping
  • Analysis of real-time inventory, job fulfillment, performance, and sales
  • Handle returns within a city and nationwide customers

For more information call us one of our friendly staff and ask for a free quote.