Delivery Services

Delivery Services

Our sole motive at CBD EX is aimed at providing cutting-edge delivery and supply-chain solutions to our clientele 24x7 across all major cities and suburbs of Australia. We offer best in class tailored-services to meet the needs of most demanding business people with the utilization of our extensive preferred partners network and strategically located storage facilities. We are proud to win the trust and the reputation we have earned amongst the leading industry specialists for the best supplier quality and technological innovation.

At CBD EX, we know that every client has their own deliveries and transportation requirements, so, we offer them tailor-made delivery and transportation solutions as per the suitability of their specific business needs. As your trusted supply-chain partner we can adapt our approach to meet your all business needs. We also offer customized, flexible, secured, and low-cost vehicle transport solutions for the fixed-route and devoted fleet of small package for parcel distribution or delivery from A to B, with in a city, on time.

While managing or transitioning our customer’s processes, we also ensure that such changes do not make an impact on their business operations and our customers keep on growing their businesses with confidence.

We know that price is critically important to make our customers successful in their delivery and logistics business. At CBD EX, we utilize scalable infrastructure and efficient operating model that allows us to pass on our savings to our customers to enjoy dual benefits of competitive pricing with unparalleled service.

We deeply understand importance of time, therefore, we ensure same day delivery service to the businesses, wherever possible. For a total peace of mind, we also offer trackable facility for all deliveries booked with us.

We would like to hear you. For any query or more information, simply talk to our expert team to look out how we can help you save you both money and time to let you concentrate more on other important works.